Gay Nigerian man, Kenny Badmus, writes on how he contemplated suicide in South Africa while he was married to a woman

Posting via his Instagram page, Kenny who got married to his boyfriend in the US last month, wrote;
''Those days during my work trips, I’d go to this bridge in Cape Town and plan on jumping into the sea to end my life of misery and pain. I wanted to simply call her and say “baby gurl, this ain’t working. This husband and wife thing. This pretend-and-look-good for our church folks and families. This thing!” Still, I’d rather hurt myself than hurt her. I looked around me in the mall and saw couples holding hands. I saw them young and old. I wanted to stop them and ask: are you happy? Or are you like me, acting for the camera? Perhaps that’s how it was meant to be. Perhaps not. I know a little better now. At least, un-photoshopped pictures don’t lie. If you are living someone else’s life, you can never be happy. #HappinessIsLivingYourTruth irrespective of what people think. #Live''.

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