SINNERS AND SAINTS

       For how long shall we continue to hurt and fool ourselves as nation. It is evident in the land, it is evident in our social lives, it is evident in the type of politics that we practice in Nigeria. Almost everybody is a sinner and saint at the same time. How tragic!!! Our former president olusegun obasanjo (who is also a major sinner and saint) once said, and I quote "it is only in Nigeria that you catch a thief and the thief takes you to court for calling him a thief". Very true and this attitude is reflected in the character of a "typical Nigerian politician".
- He claims to be fighting corruption while he/she is also corrupt.
- He claims to be fighting thuggery while he is also a "agbero".
- He claims to be fighting Robbery while also!! He himself Robs us daily of our livelihood as a nation.
- He teaches and preaches morality while he himself is morally bankrupt.
- He claims to fight prostitution while every night he is an exotic hotel patronising young girls the age of his daughter.
- He claims to be fighting terrorism while he himself sponsors it.
- He claims to be building hospital while millions of Nigerians dies daily due to lack of proper and essential health care facilities.
There are other multiple examples of sinners and saints, but we are also quilty of this attitude as masses of Nigeria.
- We keep complaining of leadership while we keep voting then because of bag of rice or paltry sum of money
- we keep complaining that our environment is dirty while we ingore designated dumping site and throw our dumps indiscriminately.
- we claim there is insecurity while we are not our brothers keeper. And we allow ourselves to be recruited by the politicians as miscreants, by attacking and killing each other because of the political ambition of a selfish politician.
- we claim we don't like a particular government but we don't go out to collect our P. V. C and vote them out during election. But we have easily forgotten that "In dangerous times, there is no sin greater than inaction".
Hamm!!! We are all guilty one way or another. So we need to change our attitudes and mentalities and cease to be sinners and saints but true Patriotes and saints.

By Dadong Iliya Piyo

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