I know it is no longer a believe that Southern Kaduna is a place of habitation. Yes, it was a home where we craved and longed to go to, it used to be a home where tales are told of good people living in peace and harmony, when strangers and owners laugh with one another and share each others grief. But all is only but a history. Now the story has changed, the climate has changed, the soil no longer knows its inhabitants, the atmosphere looks strange and wonder what is wrong with the dwellers.

I write out of a bitter heart about the sorrow that has suddenly engraved my community. I write to document my desire for peace that the world is failing to understand. I write to tell the generations unborn that what they will meet was once part of my struggle trying to make sure the land has been sustained to their time.

If you can (in case I did not make it out alive), help me tell my children and the once that may come after them, that the year 2020 was not favorable to us. Tell them we tried to secure their inheritance with all we've got. Tell them how most of us died.Tell them how the number of deaths kept increasing day by day. Tell them our homes were once like a bee hive with open roofs. Tell them the role the government played. tell them how we tried to maintain peace at all cost but failed. Don't fail to include the speech made by the Chief of Army Staff. Tell them the forefront lead their mothers took by going naked on the streets for nothing rather than seeking for peace, yet they  were neglected like a barking dog, as if their concern does not matter.

This message is for the public, it has no intension of intriguing horror nor terror. Nor the intension of provoking vengeance. But let the  truth be told, we have to come face- to- face with reality and embark on self defense. It's clear no one is coming to our rescue except God whom has given us what we own. While we let love lead the way, let us not allow it deceive us.

Tell the generations to come, our struggle was not done out of selfishness but for justice. We tried to stop the killings in SK until we gave up the fight for those braver and stronger than us. 

We may have not make it out alive but we forever remain heroes in the eyes of those whom we fought side by side with, those whom unlike us, their lungs never betrayed them in times of need. We are heroes to them that will come and dwell in peace because of the sacrifices we once made.


Written by
Dumwan Israel Bitrus
A concern advocate for peace and tranquility.

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