New Song: - Ga Ni Na Zo by PAMSTRINGS

Nigerian based Gospel Minister, Song Writer & Guitarists Pam Gazu also known as *PAMSTRINGS* has released another brand new song titled
 *"Ga Ni Na Zo (I Have Come)"* 
Pamstring's sound cut across nations of the World. His recent release “TAKE ME DEEPER”, had been a huge testimony to lives and destines around the nation.
His new single *“Ga Ni Na Zo”* is heart touching and an amazing song which brings you more close to God. 
 *Ga Ni Na Zo* a song that expresses the hunger and the touch of God in our life's. 

 _'I have come to the realisation that mistakes often linger in our minds and in our hearts._ _Events from yesterday shift into our present day, never allowing us the freedom to fully move forward._ _There are times we all find ourselves in situations where we feel God is no longer there._ _You feel like everything you Wished and Planned for, is Nøt just working._ _You've tried so hard & hard thinking you could run away from it but you couldn't._ _All we need is a touch from God.'_ *- Pamstrings*

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  1. My Heart Cry Touch me Lord ..Amazing song MOG..more grace sir


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