Following the closure of schools by the plateau State government on March 26th 2020 due to the covid19 pandemic and the need for continuous reading and learning, which is of great importance for the intellectual growth of every child and the community at large . A lot of schools have gone ahead to start a virtual learning program , providing resources for privileged children over the internet to continue learning without much hitches.

It is also worthy that in the past 3 month a lot of interventions have been rolled out to support adult groups with palliatives or to sensitize them about precautionary measures to put in place, however children have been neglected.

Kingdom kids klub a non profit organization ,is concerned about the less privileged children who have no access to the internet or gadgets to connect to the internet and are left to wallow in their lack. Most children in communities hardly have access to 3 square meals and Education will be the least of their priority at this is in view of this that our organization intends to roll out an intervention called "project Happy pack" . It is aimed at making packs for children within the age of 7-10 and shared as palliatives in selected communities within plateau State to assist learning during this pandemic.


In view of this project Happy pack with the sub-theme 'smiling and learning amidst covid19' will target under privileged children of selected communities aged 7 to 10 . Number of Targeted beneficiaries will be one thousand children in 20 communities.

This will be done in 10 phases targeting one hundred (100) in each phase, shared among fifty (50) children in two selected communities at every phase.

The distribution of the packs will start with a sensitization talk on ways to improve personal hygiene and make use of personal and public protective equipment (PPE'S) within and outside their Communities.

These packs will comprise of snacks,sweets, stationeries,books, crayons, and notes of encouragement.


The project aims at achieving the following:

. Put a smile on the faces of both children and their parents.

. Serve as reminder for them to continue studying at home pending the official reopening of schools by the government.

. It will be a way of reminding every beneficiary that he/she is seen as Loved.

. It will serve as an encouragement for every child to keep faith and stay excited amidst trying time's.

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