Dib Words: - You sef Don Try Syndrome

They are here today but are likely not going to be there tomorrow.

Some of them are your siblings, parents or relations. Some are your friends or colleagues at work. Some of them are your senior colleagues, mates or juniors in school. Some of them are your business associates, costumers or even traders.

They are in your churches, mosqueses and on the streets.

Some of them are wretchet, some poor, while some are wealthy but yet, they are everywhere.

Depressed people are everywhere.

To some, its emotional depression.

Others is financial depression.

To some is psychological.

To others, its stability, trust and reliability.

We often don't get to know them until the suicide mission has been accomplished; we then begin to ask questions like; why? Why did he/she had to end up that way? "Suicide is never worth it" we would say.

Don't be surprise if the same person you cracked jokes with yesterday hanged him/herself last night. Suicide drugs are cheaper than nutritional drugs. Take CAUTION!

Some of them possibly, had tried to communicate their frustrations and depressions (not necessarily vocally but perhaps through gestures) but their friends, families, colleagues and bosses won't care to notice.

Maybe it's high time to show some emotional intelligence and treat people with utmost importance, respect and love.

Careful of who you tell the "Omoh if you want die kuku die, you self don try" or "you fit give up if life no deh favour you" phrases.

If you must crack such jokes, please, critically analyze the mode of your partner. Social media is now full of junks.

Let people know about God and his infinite mercy, love, care, compassion and faithfulness.

Maybe all they need is the truth of hope. Give it to them and let God decide their tomorrow.

Oga, Madam, you too should try and open up ones in a while make your village people no succeed on you 😁...


I humbly submit.

@Dibz Cares.

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