Words: - GYARA NI by Faith Adee

 GYARA NI- because unworthy is my state.

GYARA NI- because on my own can't fix myself.

GYARA NI- because i wanna feel, I wanna taste, I wanna love and be broken before you Abba father.

GYARA NI- because am tired of this life i leave the shame, the lies the guilt and the dirt.

GYARA NI- because some say you can't shame the shameless, but yesu I'm ashamed of my wrong dids before you so please, fix me.

GYARA NI - because i wanna be vulnerable before you and stand strong before men, because I know you will take me, For there is no condemnation for me cause I am in you and you in me. Gyara ni!

GYARA NI - because i hear your voice saying "child be bold and come, for I am fixing every broken pieces and mending every sincere heart".🌹🌹

GYARA NI- because i am helpless, hopeless, worthless and useless without you 😭

SO I'VE COME BEFORE YOU as empty as I am. Please fix me! 

Rechtsschutzversicherung Rechner

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