Words: - His Hand by Faith Adee.


In whose hand is the life of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind? Yours!

In who's hands lays my destiny, dreams , future and ambitions? Yours!

I know am beautifully and wonderfully made by your hands. Yes, your very own hands your!

By your breath the heavens are cleared; Your hand has pierced the fleeing serpent.

In your hands, lays great works and wonders that can never dry nor lie.

Your arrows have sunk deep into me, your hand has pressed down on me. Yes your hands ABBA! Sometimes i wonder how life will be without your hands for that is where I find my comfort.

I have sinned but you had mercy and gave me grace, you open Your hands and satisfy the desires of every living thing, just with a touch of your hands.

Indeed we are pencils in the hands of our creator, a clay we are, he is the poter. There's perfection in his creation.

His hands; yes. His hands makes all the difference...


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