Words: - THE ROSE YOU GAVE ME by Faith Adee.


The very first day I met you, you gave me rose even though you knew it would be so hard for me to reciprocate the love you have for me in exact manner.

The very first day you confessed your love and feelings to me, you gave me the most beautiful rose that left me goshing and blushing 🥰☺️

Not just any kinda rose 🌹but a special rose that promises a life long devotion and love❤️.

The kinda rose that speaks of a love that is unchanging and doesn't Wither 🥀away...

The kinda rose that says I will always love you, all affections are fix on you and you alone. awwww how sweet 🥰!

Can't forget your sweet words with so much love in your voice and how passionate you become towards me!!!

You said "i am the attractive center point that can help make life more meaningful" oh, that captured my heart 💙 and I fell in love with your sweet words.

I fell in love with your beautiful voice in my head. That made me blush so hard.

I fell in love with the rose🌹 itself, so just then I realized that this our love

NoGo die🌹🌹🌹

The rose was given  even before the beginning for the rose was you🌹🌹🌹. In you I have found true love.

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