Words: - A VESSEL by Faith Adee

Yesterday is a history tomorrow will be a mystery
But today is a gift!!!
A vessel can either be a jug, bowl, boat or containers. In other words, a vessel is a person that is receptive.

 *An Empty VESSEL

An empty vessel makes more noise.
Empty vessel's mind have more thoughts.

Empty vessels' hearts are stiff wondering whether or not.

An empty vessel always wants to be heard.

An empty vessel put themselves first and don't have to care about anything nor anybody.

AN empty vessel says "IT'S ME OR NEVER"

 *QUESTION* : How long will I or you keep being an empty vessel? How long, how???

There is hope. God uses broken vessels
Because just like a broken vessel, I can't hold anything... No greed no grudges!
Therefore, I chose to be broken because my cracks are where Abba's light shines through.

Because Abba doesn't reject rather he restores and uses me for his glory, because Abba like a Potter, uses cracked pots.

I chose to be broken because indeed I am the clay and my father is the potter. Therefore I am Abba's masterpiece the work of his hands.

He will never throw me away no matter how messy or bad I get.
For God's plan for me are dynamic.
Abba's plan for me is no fate-talistic but faith-talistis as long as i can respond in faith.

We all are created anew to do good things he planned.
Trust me, we are clay moulded and crafted into the work of his hands
From formless clay to a beautiful, useful, valuable pot!!!⚱️🏺🤍

A broken vessel
An empty vessel
A vessel unto honour.

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