Poetry: - TOURISM AND PEACE ON THE PLATEAU by Rinret Innocent.



I am Plateau.

Placed on the hills and vallies,beautiful and yet peaceful.

A space so endowed,cultural and still natural.

On this ground I sit and till, a ground so fertile and fruitful, resourcefull.

I have become in nature.

I am Plateau, I am origin,I'm a destination to discover.

I'm a platform with potentials.

I'm on and in the cool mountains, the rocks, the hills, the lakes, the falls and the valleys.

I'm the beauty of nature.

I'm the painter waving and painting images of dazzles to behold.

I'm the clouds in the landscape.

I'm the flying furrows from the fields.

An artifact stock in the halls of fame.

I am plateau the beautiful.

Better still the heritage of the people.

I am the vision and mission of tourism.

I'm the darest dream waiting to be fulfilled.

I am the dream that is coming to come.

Once I slumber in the steps of my chameleon.

I still emerge in my wonders of colours.

My past is a tale of history.

My present a blend of mystery and 

My future an accomplishing ministry

I am a land of envy I am a bank of assurance

I am a product of insuranceI am a heaven of investment

I have survived the past I cruise still in my present

Let me take you into the ride of the future because 

I'm Plateau the beautiful.

Crises have taken a lot from me.

It has destroyed many lives and made my people homeless

It has caused me bitterness that I have never imagined .

It has come to ditter peace and make my soul isolated.

I am tourism I am the fig tree

I may not be able to erase the memories pains you've been through

 but I'm here with a good news.

Come back to me and stick to me and

 I will take you to a destination you've always wanted

I will give you peace, revenue build you

 and restore to you all that you have lost because

I am tourism and I am Plateau the beautiful 

 By Rinret Innocent.

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