words: - Why this feelings?

Why do I feel my heart is leaving me?
When I don't see you I feel like am about to loose my mind
When I see you I feel comfortable, what is this feeling?
Yet you never realise my silent
Yet you never realise my pain
I love you each and everyday keeps pounding
and thundering to come out of my lips but,
Yet your actions force me to hold them back.
What is this mixed feelings?
I tell myself is over and I make myself believe but yet is not happening.
I find myself yawning for you,
I find my eyes searching and looking for to find you.
What is this mixed feelings?
Yet no answer.
When I don't see you I begin to feel my world crumbling.
What are these feelings?
It mesmerizes me and hurt me.
Yet I look for you just to see you.
I find you becoming a wind while I remain the air,
and when I try to hold on to you,
You became just like the sand and you sleep out of my fingers.
Why do dis feelings hurt?
Why don't you read my eyes?
I cry alot cus I can't hold you anymore.
What is this feeling?
I try to run from those emotions but instead I get tortured by them.

By Nanret Musa

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