PLASU S.U.G: - Vote Wang Andrew as Financial Secretary.

For a good and better accountability for PLASU finances vote WANG ANDREW DOMINIC for financial secretary PLASU S.U.G. 

If given the mandate I plan to achieve the following...👉

1)Ensure proper Accountability

2)establish a financial forum(as an avenue of loaning of funds and sharing of ideas within financial secretaries. And 
also,to be a forum where we can create laws for Ourselves to regulate our conducts on finance collection,disbursement and management...

3)Enhancement and reorganization of method of dues collection and ensure its proper disbursement

4)Initiate a new method of financial report presentation and bank account statements publication

I'm Comr. *Wang* *Andrew* *Dominic* aka (Asap)...
All I seek is your mandate and support to make a " *Difference* "

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