After the long wait, DA'G ENTERTAINMENT artist Gyang A'aron Dauda, who goes by the stage name
“MR COOL DA'G '', as a 90's child, he is an epitome of what's next in the generation of Afro Hip Hop, Dance hall ragger & Afro Pop.
As the fourth child of 7, he has put it upon himself to display an acute drive towards achieving success in the African music industry.
With a versatile approach to rapping and singing, MR COOL DA’G stands firm that he is the next big thing to come out of Nigeria.
MR  COOL DA'G began his musical career in 2005 with a group from Jos called G-PRINCE, MR COOL DA'G  creates his own sound that will make you want to sing along and dance to the rhythm of his melodic chorus.
MR COOL DA'G is not just a singer but also a music producer and the C.E.O DA'G ENTERTAINMENT.
He just drop a single title: MY GRADUATION
 (In preparation to his graduation in the university this year 2019)
Song dedicated everybody especially the graduates out there.
Song produced by DA'G BEATZ
Song type:  Dance hall

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