COVID 19: Dr. Chris Kwaja Admonish Citizens to be Cautious and Comply with Preventive Measures

Coronavirus Pandamic: Dr. Chris Kwaja Admonish Citizens to be Cautious and Comply with Preventive Measures

With growing global cases of the dreaded novel coronavirus at over 600,000 and over 28,000 deaths recorded globally, a Peace and Security Scholar and United Nations Expert, Dr. Chris Kwaja has charged the people to be cautious, maintain good personal hygiene and stick to all preventive and precautionary measures and directives employed by government to stem the spread of the virus.

Dr. Kwaja said Covid-19 is real, should not be treated with kid gloves and there is need for the people to know what will expose them to the disease and how to stay safe.

He urged the people to wash their hands regularly with soap and water, use hand sanitizers, avoid handshake, drink lot of warm water, stay at home, avoid touching things anyhow, avoid crowdy gatherings/public places to avoid contact with people with the virus, avoid touching their faces, eat fruits and vegetable rich in zinc and vitamin C to protect body, maintain social distance and report any suspected case to health practitioners to protect themselves against the virus. 

Dr. Kwaja also urged the people to stick to directives by health practitioners and government aimed at stemming the spread of the virus.

"People must avoid lifestyles and tendencies that will expose them to the virus in order to stay safe, stop the spread of the virus and save lives"

"I join government to be decisive in enforcing all policies/directives associated with the prevention of the corona virus"

"Those who violate such directives have the potential of becoming the primary vectors of the virus, which might in turn affect other law abiding citizens" he concluded.

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