COVID-19: Dr. Umar Mantu to Distribute Green/Respiratory Face Masks, Powder Free Blue Nitrile Hand gloves, Thermometers and Hand Sanitizers

As the World continues to come up with ways to prevent the spread and contain the Coronavirus pandemic, a notable Philanthropist Barr. Umar Mantu, Ph.D through his Foundation “The Manumar Foundation” has concluded plans to distribute items to be used to further prevent the spread of the virus in Mangu and Bokkos Local Government Areas. This comes after a sensitisation exercise by the foundation last week.

Items to be distributed include Green/Respiratory Face Masks, Powder Free Blue Nitrile Hand gloves, Thermometers and Hand Sanitizers.

Dr. Umar Mantu described COVID-19 as a global threat and emergency calling on government and the people to take urgent and aggressive action that will stem the scourge.

Dr. Umar called on government at all levels to continuously strike a balance between protecting health, minimizing economic and social disruption, and avoiding human rights abuse of any kind.

He said the Country should be prepared and ready to combat the pandemic.

He therefore called for early detection, protection and treatment of all confirmed cases.

He said finding, isolating, testing and treating every case and tracing every contact becomes very critical to reduce rate of transmission.

Dr. Umar said with over 700,000 active cases and over 50,000 deaths recorded globally, with Nigeria having 174 confirmed cases with 2 deaths recorded, the public should take all safety, preventive and precautionary measures seriously considering how contagious the virus is.

He said while the pandemic has no known cure, it is his sincere prayer that it will not affect anyone of us or our loved ones; and that global health authority will quickly find a cure and produce a vaccine for the disease that has claimed many lives and shutdown the global socio-economic wellbeing of the people.

Dr. Umar urged the people to adhere strictly to all measures and restrictions being announced by government and its relevant agencies which he said are for public health and safety.

“Please note that in these uncertain times, there may well be some information disseminated through social media and word of mouth that is not based on fact; therefore I urge us to err on the side of caution and be wise in order to safeguard and protect ourselves.”

“Please note that the most efficient way of avoiding this contagion is by washing your hands with water and soap for up to 20 seconds, several times a day.”

“Please also practice social distancing and do not attend gatherings with more than 5-10 people, keeping at least a 2 metre distance between yourself and others.”

“It is also advised that you maintain a healthy diet in order to build up your immune systems.”

“Also, If for any reasons we notice symptoms such as high temperature, new and continuous coughs (that are unresponsive to antibiotics), loss of taste and smell consistently, please seek the necessary medical attention by contacting (NCDC/Plateau state ministry of health or your nearest medical centre)”

“This unprecedented virus has most definitely made an indelible mark on earth, forcing us to immediately refrain from things that we normally do, showing us what is truly invaluable; and that is good health in order to live life.”

“It is with this that I ask you to join me in prayer for each other, the health workers, authorities and any person helping fight this virus amongst other ailments and afflictions of life, be it health, prosperity, conflict etc that this too shall pass, through the grace and mercy of The Almighty. We pray He strengthens us, builds resilience, and inspire compassion within us all, in order to overcome any trials that come our way.”

“Always remember this virus doesn’t spread on it’s own, people spread it. Stay at home and keep safe.”

“God bless us all and our dear country” he concluded.

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