COVID-19: Rep. Bagos Urges NCDC to give Attention to the North, Calls for More Testing Centres

COVID-19: Rep. Bagos Urges NCDC to give Attention to the North, Calls for More Testing Centres

With 782 total cases and 25 deaths recorded nationally of the Coronavirus, the Member representing Jos South/Jos East Federal Constituency Plateau State, Rep. Dachung Musa Bagos has called on the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control to give attention to Northern Nigeria to forestall what could lead to monumental deaths.

He said if more attention is not accorded the North, the outbreak will be devastating considering the rising number of confirmed cases in its most populous State, Kano, the illiteracy level and culture in the region.

He called for more awareness and sensitization to the people to enable them know the devastating impact of COVID-19 which is adversely affecting socioeconomic activities.

"As we speak many Northerners still think COVID-19 is a scam and not real thereby not adjusting to the current global realities of the time"
"They go about shaking hand which is part of their culture, not observing social distancing and seen in large gatherings, actions which are already exposing many of them to the virus"

"There is need for total lockdown in the North to prevent and contain the monstrous COVID-19" he posited. 

The Legislator urged NCDC to establish more molecular testing centres in the North which is high risk zone considering the illiteracy level and their way of life.

Rep. Bagos further called on government at all levels to provide palliatives to the people to alleviate the untold economic hardships the coronavirus pandemic has brought to the people.

He admonished the people to adhere to all measures put in place by NCDC, Federal Ministry of Health, World Health Organization (WHO) and government directives aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 and safety of the people.

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