Dear brother, friend, uncle, father, man. 

I'm reaching you out in a very happy sad mood. It's indeed a privilege to remind you of our childhood days when we talk about the promises of life and how fantastic it will be when we grow up to become responsible people. 

I remember you always say "my joy will be derived in helping the less privilege and the needy". The poor, you promised to stretch a helping hand. The illiterates, you promised to give free education if you can find your way. 

It's a good thing we've all grown passed that stage of wish and now am proud you have grown up to become responsible for your actions and choices for this is reality, the vigour with which you grow up with has suddenly sank in mud for mere pleasure of satisfying sexual urge. 

 Naturally handsome, brilliant, hardworking and talented fellow, every lady that crossed your path was wishing to have you to her herself until when you were proven guilty for  rapping that young girl  half your age.

 What a pleasure it must have been but if care is not taking, two futures have been shattered at a point because of your stupid decision that actually swing into stigmatized action. 

 I still remember your best presentation in school was on feminism.  How sweet and brilliant, I love this research was the Lecturer's comment. Little did we know tomorrow will reverse the case. The way you defended women's right made you an exceptional personality. But like dust that obeys the command of the wind, so is you to the deceitfulness of life. 

 How fast time flies, records have changed, the humble you have now turned to number one rapist (a crime no amount of pleasure worth's it). 

I often wonder if you ever imagined someone doing same to your dear little bright sister, adorable mum, beautiful niece, compassionate neighbor, ever charming, hospital and accommodative girlfriend whom you find solace in.

 Now, your victims are left with unending trauma, your family bares the shame, neighbors hide their kids at the mention of your name. What do you think of #Uwa_Jennifer and their likes who became badly  famous because of your likes that decided to take advantage of them? 

My pen bleeds in anguish telling your story, the paper on which I write squeezes knowing it will forever carry bad record of your last days, the scenes at which all your acts was performed wished it could get hold of you. You took the wrong turn, families are tired, police stations are tired, prison seems to be the only accommodation available. Please, for the sake of the younger generations yet unborn, help me tell the world to

Written ✍ by 
Dumwan Israel Bitrus 
Inspired by 
Rachael Sabo

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