Celebrity Profile: - Jeff silver (Mr. Unity Plateau)

 Name: Jephthah Gyang (Jeff silver)
Jephthah Gyang silver born 26 June 1995 is a professional model, fashion designer, also a student of microbiology, at the Plateau State University. In my current role I provide personal service to each client on issues such as modification, styling, runways, and commercials. With passion through my career I have become a specialist at spending less time doing close-up works.
I've been on several projects ranging from runways, advertorials, commercials and personal styling, and most recently on the 4th of April 2021 I became the 'Mr. Unity Plateau' an ambassador for unity in Plateau under the International Multimedia and Entertainment brand 'Finine Global Concept (fgc)' Follow on Instagram @jeff_sylvah Facebook @jeff silver Brand Instagram @finineglobal Facebook @finine global concept.

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