Dib Words: - The Ride


The sky they say shall be your starting point?

That's not factual I can say.

Others ascended beyond it and are back to the clay.

May God forgive the sins of the deceased we pray?

That's just words of comfort I can say.

For it is written, it is with our deeds that we be judged. That will happen without any delay I can proclaim.

What is mine will find me?

Those are words of the foolish and lazy I can say.

Only the worker gets paid so I hear.

They are sad because roses has thorns 

I'm glad because the thorns has roses.

I know you are tired and frustrated my love

I know you feel like quitting as well 

I've also observed you need so badly the "ride alone" ride

That, you can have.

First, let me speak to the clouds to team up and form a beautiful path

Let them give you the ambiance you need for this ride

Ride in peace my love

Feel the peace

Fill the space

Don't race

Whistle all day

Have the feel of the fantasy 

Make your heart classy

Dream all day.

Afterwards, come back to me with the fulfilment of life

Ready to push further your purpose, ambition and desires to the ends of time where your desires will be made whole.

Like the plain, I promise you my love, you shall ride above the clouds but in your case, you shall have them to your commands.

Enjoy the nature,

The authority of which you have been given by your creator.

Dumwan Israel Bitrus (Dibz 2021)

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