Dib Wordz: - Companionh


Poetry has left me with no option but to be matured.

It has exposed me so dearly to nature

I grow without without manure.

It thought me about the absurdity of reality

I can't be on your lane, your ways are filthy

No offense, I am just living a life of dignity.

I can sometimes become wild

Give me some wine

Watch me go the mile

As a poet, I question existance 

I tried to avoid it but there's no resistance.

I feel complete when I write,

It makes me feel like I'm on a ride.

I wish I can give it some time;

That? I dare not try.

I love what I do

What I do loves me in return.

A complete recipe has the onion

I am complete, poetry is my companion.


®Dib_Wordz 2021


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