Words: - FATHER by Faith Adee.


A father is a HERO
A father is a PILOT
A father is a DEFENDER
A father is a PROVIDER
A father is a PROTECTOR
A father is a SUSTAINER
A father is CHRIST

A father is one who gives good things to his children.
A father is a teacher and a direction giver, a father is one who sustain.

 You are not a father just because you have children, You are a father because of your ability to give and sustain.(James 1:7)

The word father is gotten from the greek word "Abba" Which means to Sustaine.

Father is one who loves unconditional and not ashamed of how messy his child may be.... (Jeremiah 31:3)

The consciousness of a fatherhood will take away every fear  
That's why I can boldly run to my father for safety.

Not everyone can be a father, that's why we have Two types of Father
 the earthly father- the one who can fail at any given time or day.
Then the heavenly father - he is known as the true father, the  Abba ! Our sustainer.

The earth is the lords and the lord is my Father.
And my Provider


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